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Porinju Veliyath | Investor | Farm house, Portfolio, Company, Age, Net worth, Stocks.

Welcome to Celeb A2Z. If you want to know about Porinju Veliyath, then you are in the right site. Here you will get to know about Porinju Veliyath farm house, Portfolio, Company, Age, Net worth, Stocks etc. So please read the complete article for more understanding.

Introduction :

Porinju Veliyath is one of the most famous value investors in India. Also one of the famous multi bagger stock pickers in India. Porinju is a fund manager of a fund management company owned by Porinju.

Also manages the company name Equity Intelligent India Privet Limited. Further that company manage funds of higher and rich personalities. Along with that Porinju Veliyath also manages his own portfolio.

Recently he posted his Farm house photos in social media. The farm house is awesome and full of nature.

Name Porinju Veliyath
Nick Name
Age60 year old
Birthday 6th June, 1962
Birth place Trissur, Kerala
ProfessionValue investor, Fund manager
Relationship Married with Litty Porinju
Net worth 180 crores
Education qualification Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from Govt. Law college, Ernakulam
Companies Equity Intelligent India Privet Limited, Orange Farmer & Funds Management
Porinju Veliyath wife’s name?

Litty Porinju is the wife of porinju Veliyath and they get married in the year 1998.

Porinju Veliyath fund management company’s name?

Porinju veliyath has owned two companies first one is Equity Intelligent India Privet Limited and a fund management company that manages rich person funds and the second one is Orange Farmer & Funds Management a company manages the funds of farmers.

Starting phase :

Porinju Veliyath comes from a very poor farmer family in Kerala. From his childhood, he had to work as a part – time employee to manage expanses. This process continues, and when he was studying in Bachelor of Law (LL. B), on that point Porinju Veliyath started reading a financial newspaper. From that newspaper he analyzed the companies with high return with lower cost.

Career :

After completed degree, Porinju Veliyath want to work in broking frames. Veliyath joined Kotak Securitas as a floor trader in the year 1990. He did that job with enjoying it and after 3 to 4 years he left from the job of floor trader.

Joined another job Parga Parikh Securitas as a researcher analysis in the year 1994 and working with them for 5 years. After that, Porinju Veliyath get info knowledge about the stock market.

Companies :

Then Porinju Veliyath started his own company name Equity Intelligent India Privet Limited in 2002. From that company, Porinju Veliyath managed rich person’s funds. He was able to generate 16 % per annum compounded interest for the customers.

Porinju Veliyath company Equity Intelligent India privet Limited is considered as one of the best funds managing companies in India. Porinju Veliyath also owned a company name for farmers called Orange Farmers & Funds management.

He loves the company Orange Farmers & Funds Management and treats as one of his children. By that company, he managed to gives an 18 % annual compounded interest to the farmer’s family. But only Farmer’s families can open an account on that company.

Motivation :

One of the incidents that changed his life when Porinju Veliyath was studying in class 12 his father har to sell their farming land. Porinju always tells that this incident changed his life, after that he understands the power of knowledge and power passion.

Welcome to Celeb A2Z. If you want to know about Mr. Daljeet Singh Kohli, then you are in the right place. Here you will able to know about his bio, family, age, company, investment strategy, stocks etc. So please read the complete article for more.

Personal info :

Daljeet Singh Kohli is the full name of Daljeet Singh Kohli and he is one of the famous value investors and a Trader in India. Also the owner of StockAxis company. He is another example of a person who believe that if you take proper knowledge about the stock market then anyone can make millions of dollars from it.

Dalijeet Kohli shows that anyone from any field can make hunger money from the stock market. Daljeet Kohli is proving wrong to those people that stock market is gambling. He shows that stock market is not gambling, it is a pure process or pure knowledge.

Name Daljeet Singh Kohli
Nick Name Daljeet
Age57 years
Profession Value investor, Fund manager
Birth day 2nd September, 1965
Birth place Amritsar, Punjab
Weight 70 kg
Religion Sikhism
Net worth
Which company is owned by Daljeet Kohli?

StockAxis this company of stock broking is owned by Daljeet Kohli.

Currently Daljeet Kohli has invested in which stock?

HDFC Bank and Asian Paint these two stocks Daljeet Kohli has invested most of his money in these two stocks because he thinks that these two companies can grow by around 37 % – 42 % increased prices from their current price.

Starting phase :

In his childhood Daljeet Kohli likes to study about the newspaper and he analyzed about the companies. When Daljeet Kohli is in his bachelor’s studies, he got knowledge of the stock market from her friend Sidhu. Daljeet and Shidu both started taking knowledge about the stock market. They also started trading from that time, daljeet started to like stock market.

Business Strategy :

Daljeet Kohli owns a company and that company name StokeAxis and Daljeet Kohli is one of those people who has a proper planning and disciple in the stock market. In stock market we have to wait for a long time.

Daljeet Kohli is one of who investers who early understand that investment is more profitable than trading. Daljeet Kohli investment stages are searches for good company stock and then daily monetary that company news.

After you get confident about the company, just wait for the downfall of that company. After that happen, you just take a larger part of that company and wait for the fair value of that company. When you see that the company is overvalued, then fastly exit from that company and sell all of that company’s stock you have.

Career :

Daljeet Kohli some of the famous stocks which make him milliners are atul auto. Daljeet take a 1.5 % stake at Rs. 20 per share and wait for 8 years and selling his all stake at Rs. 2000 per share and get around 29 Cr from Atul auto.

Daljeet Kohli’s second investment is HDFC Bank, he takes 1.89 % stake at Rs. 150 per share and wait for 9 years and sell it at Rs 1000 per share and get a profit of around 100 Cr. There are so many this kind of stock that are Daljeet Kohli pick and make millions of dollars from it.

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