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Kris Jenner’s face unrecognizable in The Kardashians season premiere and viewers want answers

kris jenner during the premiere episode of the kardashians
Kris Jenner appears during The Kardashians Season 3 premiere episode. Pic credit: Hulu

The premiere episode of The Kardashians just arrived, bringing all sorts of life changes for the family since the previous season’s finale.

That included Kim, now single after ending her relationship with Pete Davidson, and Khloe Kardashian having her second child via surrogate.

One highly noticeable change for fans and critics was matriarch Kris Jenner’s appearance, as many called out what they felt was a drastically different look.

The 67-year-old appeared in a handful of scenes, including her early arrival to visit with Kim and Khloe and attending a party later with her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, and more of her family.

Later, she was featured having a heart-to-heart talk with her daughter Kim Kardashian who was expressing her frustration over her ex-husband, Kanye West.

Jenner’s seemingly updated look had some social media users even comparing her appearance to the late Michael Jackson or actress Liza Minelli.

The Kardashians viewers call out Kris Jenner’s change in appearance

Viewers took to social media following the season premiere of The Kardashians, which featured Kris Jenner back to see her kids, their kids, and significant others.

A scene deep into the episode featured just Jenner with Kim K as they sat on white sofas to have an emotional conversation about Kim’s emotional turmoil due to drama with her ex-husband and co-parenting their kids.

“Kris Jenner in her Michael Jackson era,” one viewer tweeted, including a photo of Jenner’s noticeably-different look.

“what’s going on with Kris Jenner’s face? I don’t mean to be rude but she’s starting to look like Michael Jackson,” another viewer tweeted.

viewer tweets about kris jenner face looking different
Pic credit: @udgebudgekins/Twitter

Comparisons of Jenner’s look brought forth another late legend, singer Elvis Presley.

“Kris Jenner is giving James Charles and Liza Minnelli in one look,” another tweet said.

tweet about kris jenner and liza minelli
Pic credit: @ARTHVRARTHVR/Twitter

In another tweet, an individual suggested, “Kris Jenner is defo an advert for why you shouldn’t get plastic surgery.”

fan calls out kris jenner look from kardashians
Pic credit: @lauradave39/Twitter

Another Twitter user asked, “why do people f**k their face up” also telling Jenner to “fire your plastic surgeon.”

fan questions kris jenner getting plastic surgery
Pic credit: @mikeschuster48/Twitter

Another fan questioned the noticeably-different look, even tagging Jenner to ask, “WTF did @krisjenner do to her face?”

fan tweets to question kris jenner about look
Pic credit: @MadelineCales/Twitter

Kris Jenner previously talked about cosmetic work she had done

In 2011, Daily Mail reported about Jenner getting a facelift after her daughter Kim would taunt her with “gobble gobble,” referring to a turkey’s appearance.

“I kind of had my chin lifted up a bit,” she revealed, back when the Kardashians and Jenners were still doing seasons of E! ‘s Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

In 2015, Jenner appeared on E! Show Good Work featuring RuPaul and Botched surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow. During her visit, she mentioned some of the work she had done over the years, including a breast augmentation procedure in the 1980s.

“You want me to list everything?! I’m kidding,” Jenner joked, before sharing she had, “Botox and fillers and laser [treatments] and things like that. I had a boob job in the ’80s after four kids because gravity took over.”

She said she later had the implants taken out by “the same doctor who put them in” initially, and then “he had to do a little lift.”

During that 2015 appearance on the E! show, Jenner also said many people claimed she’d had work done on her nose, but she stated, “never had my nose done.”

During The Kardashians premiere, Jenner didn’t mention anything about any of her cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery appointments. However, her daughter Khloe brought up needing plastic surgery for health purposes. Khloe shared she needed to get a bump removed from her cheek after a biopsy revealed it was melanoma on the side of her face.

The Kardashians episodes arrive Thursdays on Hulu.

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