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Is XO, Kitty Season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled?

Netflix’s ‘XO, Kitty’ is an enchanting romantic comedy series that delves into the captivating world of Kitty Song Covey, the lovely younger sister of Lara Jean.

Is XO, Kitty Renewed For Season 2? Well, Netflix’s ‘XO, Kitty’ is an enchanting romantic comedy series that delves into the captivating world of Kitty Song Covey, the lovely younger sister of Lara Jean.

Serving as a delightful spin-off of the beloved ‘To All the Boys’ film series, this show brings a fresh and heartwarming perspective to the screen.

As the story unfolds, we witness the transformation of Kitty’s life as she embarks on a remarkable journey.

With her sisters now away at college, the spotlight shines on Kitty as she receives an exciting opportunity to attend the prestigious boarding school in Seoul, the very same institution her mother once graced.

Living in another country and reuniting with her boyfriend, Dae, in a long-distance relationship teaches Kitty valuable lessons about love and life.

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This unexpected turn of events sets the stage for a series of humorous and poignant moments as Kitty navigates new friendships, romantic encounters, and self-discovery in the vibrant city of Seoul.

‘XO, Kitty’ is a delightful exploration of love, growth, and the extraordinary adventures that await in the exciting world of young adulthood.

Following the conclusion of the latest season of XO, Kitty, fans of the series are now curious to know if there will be a second season.

So, in this article, we will discuss everything related to the potential second season of XO, Kitty.

Is XO, Kitty Season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled?

XO, Kitty Season 2
Seventeen Magazine

Netflix has yet to disclose whether the captivating series ‘XO, Kitty’ will be returning for another season, leaving fans eager for news.

However, there is no need to worry just yet. Netflix typically takes a couple of months before making renewal announcements for their series.

As long as ‘XO, Kitty’ continues to garner popularity and the dedicated cast expresses their desire to return, the chances of the show making a comeback for a more heart-touching romance seem quite promising.

Thus, till then, fans can stay hopeful for future adventures and developments in the lives of their beloved characters in ‘XO, Kitty.’

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XO, Kitty Season 2 Expected Release Date

XO, Kitty Season 2

At this time, information regarding a potential release date for ‘XO, Kitty’ season 2 remains undisclosed until the official confirmation of a second season.

However, taking into consideration Netflix’s typical release patterns, which often entail a year-long gap between seasons, it is plausible to anticipate the return of ‘XO, Kitty’ to Netflix as early as May 2023.

Similar to the format of its debut season, it is believed that ‘XO, Kitty’ season 2 would feature 10 half-hour episodes, providing viewers with further delightful and immersive storytelling within the beloved universe of the show.

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What To Expect From XO, Kitty Season 2?

XO, Kitty Season 2
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The gripping finale of ‘XO, Kitty’ leaves audiences on the edge of their seats with several unresolved plotlines that undoubtedly set the stage for an exciting second season.

The first cliffhanger revolves around Kitty’s confession to Dae about her feelings for someone else. Initially assuming it to be Min Ho, Dae is taken aback when Kitty reveals that she has actually fallen for Yuri.

Their relationship takes a hit, resulting in a breakup, but it remains uncertain whether this separation marks the end of their story.

Also, in the forthcoming season 2, it appears highly probable that Kitty will embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring her sexuality and becoming entangled in a compelling love triangle involving Yuri and Juliana. This tantalizing setup promises thrilling twists and turns as Kitty navigates her emotions and the complexities of her romantic entanglements in the upcoming season.

Also, if ‘XO, Kitty’ is indeed renewed for a second season, it is highly anticipated that the entire main cast will make their return. The chemistry and dynamic among the characters in season 1 undoubtedly contributed to the show’s success and resonated with the audience.

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Is XO, Kitty Based On A Real Story?

XO, Kitty Season 2

XO, Kitty’ is a captivating tale that captivates audiences with its unique charm and relatable characters. Contrary to popular belief, the story is not based on a true story but is an original creation by the talented writer Jenny Han.

Building upon the resounding success of the beloved ‘To All the Boys’ film series, Netflix sought to expand the universe and offer viewers a fresh perspective.

Instead of delving deeper into the enchanting romance of Lara Jean and Peter, the decision was made to shift the spotlight to someone new, and thus, Kitty took center stage.

Jenny Han approached Kitty’s story with the same dedication and passion she pours into her books, weaving a narrative that seamlessly intertwines with the established thread of the universe.

With ‘XO, Kitty,’ audiences can expect a delightful and heartfelt story that embraces the spirit of Han’s storytelling prowess.”

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