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Dr. D. Y. Chandrachud India’s new Chief Justice | India football team won the match against Kuwait | Many of Indian politicians are banned by Amarica

1. Dr. D. Y. Chandrachud becomes the new Chief Justice of India :

New Chief Justice of India was appointed Dr. D.Y. Chandrachud  and he was India’s 50th Chief Justice. He will take charge from the date 09 November 2022. After demints of Ex Chief Justice of India Dr. Uday Umesh Lalit. He was retired at the age of 65 years on services of only 74 days as Chief Justice.

D.Y. Chandrachud was appointed as Chief justice of India by  president of India Mrs. Droupadi Murmu and Dr. D.Y. Chandrachud will give services as Chief Justice of India for two years. His services will finish on 10 November 2024 and his service is 2 years. Chief justice of India (CJI) is head of department of Justice. Also department of Justice is a part of Ministry of  law and Justice.

One intresting fact about new Chief justice that now he become the senior most Chief Justice of india. Ex Chief justice was the senior. Let’s know about the  new Chief justice of India Dr. D.Y. Chandrachud, he was service as judge of bombay high court from the year 2000 to the year 2013.

Dr. D.Y. Chandrachud  was also judge of supreme court from 2016 year and also consider as the oldest supreme court judge of India. Peviously Ex Chief Justice of India was the oldest supreme court.

2. Indian football team won the match against Kuwait :

Indian football team won the match against kuwait football team on score line 2-1. The star performance who goal and assist another goal Taison Singh and another goal by Gurkirat singh. Both of them score one one goal each for Indian football team. It helps to win the qualification round for next Years tournament.

On there group stage Australia is in table and second sport is Iraq on group H in AFC U20 Asia Cup. In this tournament Indian football team already loss against Iraq. Another loss against Iran with the score line 1-4 and 2-4.  The last group match against Australia who almost win every game of there group H.

They have super hand in last match against Indian football team and they do not depends on the last match for tournament qualifiers. It is bigger operation for Indian football team that if they win the last game. hey completed this tournament in a good note. This will very proud moment for them to win a match against Australia who top the group but also stronger team. It will boast there confidence for feature upcoming tournaments.

3. Many of Indian politicians banned by Amarican Government according to Wall Street Journal Newspaper :

Wall Street Journal Newspaper which one of the popular reported Newspaper in America (USA). In this popular Newspaper one of very popular article saying that many of Indian Minister’s are ban by America (USA) government. This thing is mentioned by one of popular senier adviser on tweeter and this post is very viral.

This news may damage the relationship between the powerful country’s India and American. he news target Indian Finance Minister and many more Minister’s for that many deployments of India demand for enquire against this other vice. This may distrusting relationship of India and USA for sure of many Indian judge’s of supreme court and many activities of India.

By this, the nation love for many Indians increased and on that time India’s another party’s together. And tell government to take action against USA for there pride. Government has to pass a rule that if any country try to damage the image of india. Those country’s have to face.

Dr. S Jaishankar says “I am not Aggressive” against the country leaders :

Dr. S Jaishankar, the Foreign Minister of Indian country is considered one of the most Aggressive Foreign Minister in the world. By many bigger countries name like United States Of America, the United Kingdome, France, and Italy.

They are some of the bigger countries people and leaders say him Aggressive Foreign Minster. He went to Egypt tour first time by Dr. S Jaishankar as Foreign Minister of India. On that tour of Egypt Dr. S Jaishankar give a statement that “I’m not an Aggressive Foreign Minister”.

On the tour of Egypt they discuss many things for the good relation of India and Egypt This kind of statement that Dr. S Jaishankar is Aggresive that damage the image of India in world wild. And this type of statement given by other countries due to the strong and impactful statements of Dr. S Jaishankar to the other countries relation with India.

P. M. Modi launched 75 Digital Bank in India :

Indian PM Narinder Modi launches 75 Digital Bank Unites in India. This is one of the biggest steps by the Indian Government and this design may have some drawbacks. Like digital thieves, misuse of important data and many Fraude by any bank employees of that digital banks. The good side is that any person have an account on that digital banks,they can access their bank account from any area of the world. They will get features like adding money, transfer money, block the account from any area of world, full authority of there own bank account.

It helps them to open or access by biometrics technology to give bank accounts more security. The government are just pass bill but we have to ready this technology and give license to the companies or businessman’s. Also build one authority which control or take care of that digital banks.

Uttarakhand village man saves 1000 plus snakes :

One village man name Mukhtar Ali from Uttrakhand, a small village. That man Mukhtar Ali who save around 100 snake’s in only one month and Mukhtar Ali totally save around more 1000 snake’s.

Mukhtar Ali just pick the snake’s how ever come into there village by mistake and go back to the forest area. Through snake’s in the forest and by doing this he saved many villagers or many life of peoples of that small village.

IIT Gandhinagar invented anti viral coating material :

IIT Gandhinagar students  created an anti viral coating material for preventing viral infections or diseases. This is a very unique invention that helps to stop spreading any infections and any kind of viral diseases.

This invention is one of the best inventions by IIT Gandhinagar students. They also win many prices for that invention, they try to modify it more for better meant of that invention.

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