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Everything comes together in Episode 8.

FUBAR hinted that Russia had a CIA mole, and “That’s It, And That’s All” proves it’s none other than Aparna Brielle’s Tina.

The FUBAR finale on Netflix brings the Arnold Schwarzenegger spy comedy to an explosive climax and lays the ground for a possible second season.

The “FUBAR” finale concludes on an action-packed note, tying up a few loose strands while introducing many new ones. Not completing the chapter implies more to be told about the Brunners and their allies.

So, let’s look at the events at the end of Season 1 and what it states for the series’ future.

FUBAR: Does Donnie Marry Tally?


After a few months, Tally is getting set to marry Donnie. When he discovers the truth, Luke is surprised but decides to be a better man and lets Tally go.

He’s convinced that this day belongs to them and not to him. But, of course, Luke is depressed after losing her.


Emma arrives and mourns her father, feeling that Tally made a significant mistake by marrying Donnie and that her heart truly belongs to Luke.

Emma admits that she made a mistake by playing matchmaker in the first place, and this is her attempt to apologize. Luke is unsure what to do and finally curses his luck.

Carter talks to Emma in the church, and they catch up. It’s awkwardly staged between them, but they settle in for the ceremony.

Only Luke comes up to the church and talks to Tally privately right before, saying that He’s had feelings for her for a long time and is a CIA operative. He proudly displays his Distinguished Service Medal and advises her not to marry Donnie.

However, all goes wrong when armed guards arrive at the chapel after a vehicle bombing.

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Tina is a Russian snitch.


FUBAR hinted that Russia had a CIA mole, and “That’s It, And That’s All” proves it’s none other than Aparna Brielle’s Tina.

Tina was introduced as an NSA-loaned technician who quickly became an essential member of the CIA team and even began flirting with resident geek Barry.

This is revealed in the end by a phone conversation with Tina’s Russian handler, although the rest of the team is still oblivious to her actual intentions.

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How did Boro manage to survive? Is he dead this time?

Los Angeles Times

Boro arrives at the chapel and threatens Tally with a rifle. He’s burned half of his face. Boro admits to being trapped beneath rubble for two days and suffering from radiation exposure from the bomb. During this time, he seemed to have lived on rat blood.

Boro forces Emma and Luke to confront each other with guns drawn, but Luke’s thoughtful comments allow Tally to get the upper hand on Boro, stabbing him in the leg with the medal.

Boro gets killed by gunfire hit as she ducks out of the way. Soon after, Roo and Aldon arrive, with the former amusingly shooting Boro in the head and declaring that she’s “got him.”

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How does FUBAR conclude?


Since their identities have been exposed, Tina tells them to go in a vehicle. Luke honestly evaluates the scenario when the entire party is driving away.

Their identities appear to have been entirely exposed, which means they’ll have to keep quiet and try to get a way out of this.

But unfortunately, it seems like hundreds of murders, terrorists, and gangsters are chasing them, and they have nowhere else to go.

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